Starting our Writer’s notebooks

Today in class we created our Writer’s Notebooks. We made the cover page with at least 6 things about us, avoiding using the terminology “my favorite” or “I like”…

I haven’t figured out how to flip these images, so as soon as I do, I’ll fix these!


Here is mine:

Then we did a free-write where we wrote down everything that we could talk about. We crossed out talk, and wrote “write about”:

Here is mine:


Finally, we created a heart-map about small things that make us who we are today. We thought about people, places, and things you will find in  our hearts.



Friday’s Digital Device Permission Slip

Today we discussed parent’s providing permission for digital device use in our classroom. Student’s need TWO things before they can bring their digital learning devices to class:

1) 100% on this Digital Device Driver’s License Exam:


2) Parental/Guardian Permission which was distributed today, but can be printed/viewed here: DigitalDevicePermissionSlip