40 Book Challenge

“Your READING LIFE matters!”- Donalyn Miller in “The Book Whisperer

Prezi about the 40 Book Challenge

This year we are going to challenge you to attempt to read 40 books from a variety of genres. That’s right. 40 Books.  Chapter Books.  Books in different genres. Books that YOU choose.  

It won’t be easy.  You might whine. You might want to give up. However… it will be worth it, because… you will grow. You will demonstrate your GRIT! You will amaze yourself. You will learn about new things, and understand the world like never before.  

  • This is a PERSONAL challenge. It is not tied to a grade (though some activities that you do with your independent reading may be). You may or may not achieve this goal, and that is OKAY! Our goal is that you become a voracious reader, finding genres, authors, and books that you LOVE!

There IS the right book for you out there somewhere! Let’s find it. Trying a lot of books will help you find the one type of text that excites you and invites you into more reading.

True reading preferences come from years of wide reading- trying books, having some false starts, discovering authors, genres, and writing styles that we enjoy. (Miller, 2004)

Each book must be read and the title recorded in your reader’s notebook on the book challenge grid.

  • Any book read that has over 300 pages will count as two books.
  • Books read in class WILL count toward the forty.
  • Books from school, home, or the library will be accepted.
  • If you are not sure if is the right book for you, check with your teacher!
  • Up to ten books may be read at the same time as a friend and reported on together.

Struggling to find a book? Check out Ms. Cosner’s website www.giftedwithgrit.com and check out the Book Suggestions Page, also just ask one of your teachers. We love helping you find a “Just Right Book!”

Where this idea comes from: The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child

Genre Breakdown

Number of Books Genre G rid Color
2 books Traditional Literature/ Classics  Blue
7 books Realistic Fiction  White
3 books Historical Fiction  Red
3  books Fantasy  Orange
3  books Science Fiction  Purple
4 books


Informational  Green
1 book Poetry or Book Written in Verse Pink
1 book


Biography/ Auto Biography  Yellow
16 books


Free Choice Color the appropriate color above!