Classroom Technology

Need help with your Edmodo assignment this week? I made you a silent screencast to show you what to do: If you RIGHT Click on it and open it in a new tab you can see the whole thing.

As we are using phones and other digital devices to understand and navigate our world using technology, my first priority is safety. I strongly recommend that all parents download this app onto their child’s phone to protect them from internet predators. Need help formatting your writing for Ms. Cosner’s class? Here are a few tips. -Avoid Times New Roman like it is a plague. It makes Ms. Cosner want to poke out her eyes. 🙂 -Use a font that has upper and lower case letters and it should not be a cursive font!!! –  This document can help you learn how to double-space your writing. No need to hit enter each line! Use the spacing feature, please. Click here to evaluate Ms. Cosner’s class!

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