About Ms. Cosner

Helen McClaugherty Cosner

Helen Cosner is beginning her 9th year of teaching this year and her second year working as a Gifted Intervention Specialist for Southwestern City Schools. She is thrilled to be leading adventures through books, writing, exploration, and discovery.

Ms. Cosner has extremely high expectations for herself and her students and looks forward to an incredible year building a community of learners on the foundation of TRUST!  Here are a few facts about Ms. Cosner:

  • Ms. Cosner got her undergraduate degree from Capital University
  • Ms. Cosner has her Gifted, Talented, & Creative Endorsement from the University of Cincinnati.
  • Ms. Cosner has her Master’s degree from Otterbein University with a PK-12 Reading Endorsement.
  • Ms. Cosner is married to the fabulous Mr. Jonathan Cosner, and together they have two sons named Josiah (Joey) & Enzo who fills their lives with adventure!
  • Favorite quote: “Love Radically!”
  • Ms. Cosner loves a cup of coffee, cool pens (especially green), and a good book! (she also loves Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media!)
  • The Cosner family spent their summer vacation in the Appalachian mountains hiking, cooking out, and playing in the creek in the area where Ms. Cosner’s dad grew up: Pearisburg, Virginia.

    Ms. Cosner in the Appalachian mountains.
    Ms. Cosner in the Appalachian mountains.

Here is how Ms. Cosner learns (based on a multiple intelligence test through edutopia)

Linguistic 67%
Logical-Mathematical 31%
Visual Spatial 67%
Intrapersonal 81%
Interpersonal 100%
Musical 38%
Bodily Kinesthetic 17%
Naturalistic 75%
  • Interpersonal intelligence reflects an ability to recognize and understand other people’s moods, desires, motivations, and intentions. (Edutopia, http://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-research

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