Gifted Education

Information for Students, Parents, & General Public about Gifted Resources and Issues

What Your Gifted Kid Want You to Know (article for parents & teachers)

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Go Undiscovered

Summer Programs

Link to Columbus City Schools (for kids all over Central Ohio) Summer Opportunities for Gifted Students:

OWjL Camp (Ohio Wesleyan Camp for Gifted and Talented)

Financial Assistance for Summer Programs for Students Identified as Gifted:

Scholarships Available for Camps: Support for Talented Students brochure!

Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs (ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities (LD), Asperger Syndrome, Etc. (Often known as 2E, or Twice Exceptional): 

Dysgraphia and Gifted Students – Can’t read your student’s handwriting? This is so very common and is often a symptom of Dysgraphia.

Uniquely Gifted Website

Hoagies Gifted:

MANY, MANY, MANY websites for parents:


Information for Educators about Gifted Education:

Ms. Cosner’s first attempt at GLOGSTER: (view in Glogster here)

And for a clearer view of tips for education the gifted population download this powerpoint:- Gifted Education 101

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