Gifted Education

Information for Students, Parents, & General Public about Gifted Resources and Issues

What Your Gifted Kid Want You to Know (article for parents & teachers)

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Go Undiscovered

Websites for Kiddos who are Gifted

BBC Human Body & Mind

Google Earth

PBS Extra

Olga’s Gallery

Make Beliefs Comix

Hour of Code

Kids on the Net

Summer Programs

Link to Columbus City Schools (for kids all over Central Ohio) Summer Opportunities for Gifted Students:

OWjL Camp (Ohio Wesleyan Camp for Gifted and Talented)

Financial Assistance for Summer Programs for Students Identified as Gifted:

Scholarships Available for Camps: Support for Talented Students brochure!

Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs (ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities (LD), Asperger Syndrome, Etc. (Often known as 2E, or Twice Exceptional): 

Dysgraphia and Gifted Students – Can’t read your student’s handwriting? This is so very common and is often a symptom of Dysgraphia.

Uniquely Gifted Website

Hoagies Gifted:

MANY, MANY, MANY websites for parents:


Information for Educators about Gifted Education:

Ms. Cosner’s first attempt at GLOGSTER: (view in Glogster here)

And for a clearer view of tips for education the gifted population download this powerpoint:- Gifted Education 101

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