Signposts – Notice & Note

We are learning how to get all that we can as we JOURNEY through books using:

Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst

The following are some FANTASTIC Videos to Introduce Each Signpost:

Into Lesson

Ah-ha Momentsnotice-andnote-2

Tough Questions

Contrast and Contradictions

Again & Again

Memory Moments

Words of the Wiser


Can you find the signposts in each of these clips?

Contrast and Contradiction ­

Why would the character act (feel) this way?

“French Roast” (Reject then accept beggar) ­

Geri’s Game” (Old man playing chess) ­

Presto” (The Magician and the Rabbit) ­

Sweet Cocoon” (Butterfly Metamorphism) ­


Aha Moment ­

Remember to ask: How might this change things?

Day and Night”

Despicable Me

For the Birds

La Luna” ­

Partly Cloudy” (Clouds and Baby Critters) ­


Tough Question ­

What does this question make me wonder about?

Abiogenesis” (Sci Fi of Earth’s creation) ­


Cupido” (Cupid mix­up) ­

Glued” (Mom tries to get son to play outside) ­

One More Page” (Loss of a daughter) ­

Tamara” (Deaf Girl with Dream to Dance)

The Scarecrow” (Natural food) ­

Zero” (prejudice) ­


Words of the Wiser ­

What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?

Boundin’” (Cosner’s FAVORITE!!)

Lifted” (Alien newbie learns to abduct) ­

One Man Band” (Girl teach musicians a lesson) ­

Soar” (Girl helps a small person fly) ­­7biAH2I


Again and Again ­

Why might the author bring this up again and again?

Ascendation” (Retriving items) ­

Burn­E” (Repairing light again and again)

Dug’s Special Mission” (gets in the way) ­

Lava” (Disney song of two volcanoes) ­


Memory Moment ­

Why might this memory be important?

Time Travel Mater” ­ (going back in time)

“Lily and the Snowman” (childhood memory) ­

Shoe” (Poverty and desires) ­