I am building a collection of handy tech tools that I use in my classroom to share with my amazing colleagues! I am very lucky to have a lot of great technology tools in my classroom.I am keeping a list of apps that I have tried and used successfully- there are a few apps I have used- that are on my not worth the time or money list- and I guess I’ll put those at the bottom- to save you some time as well!

Screencastify allows you or your students to record their voice and/or faces or desktops. I use it to flip instruction, record teaching when I won’t be able to make it to a school, give multi-step directions. My students use it for performances, book chats, responses and more!!! Here is a tutorial that seems to work well with students.

Here is a starting list. I plan to continue to add to this list.

Websites that I LOVE:


Want your students to be able to keep blogs that their classmates can read, but the outside world can’t? Check out this version of WordPress for schools:

Richard Byrne writes an AWESOME ed tech blog and created a chart that compares blogs for student-use.

iPad apps:

Splashtop: I use this app to connect my iPad to my desktop and control my SmartBoard. There is a tiny bit of delay- but overall, it is pretty powerful. Another great component to this app is that if you have a shared drive on your work computer- you can use splashtop to access your desktop computer at work and access your shared drive (and email yourself stuff to work on at home- not that I encourage you to mess with your work-life balance- but it really comes in handy sometimes!)

In my district you need the technology people to install in on your desktop of the computer that controls the SmartBoard. I bought it for $12. Right  now it is available in the itunes store for $4.99. This is also available for other non-apple devices!

This app is heaven for me. It works for my toddler and my rowdy 6th graders: (and it is FREE!)


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