Typing and Cursive Practice

Typing Practice!

Want to work on your typing skills? Here is a fun game where you can race to improving your abilities to type quickly and efficiently! (Nitro Type) Thank,s Zach (former 6th AND 8th grader!)

Like the old school TETRIS game? Learn to type with KeyTris! It’s fun

Work through this and you’ll be a typing pro! Typing Club

Writing in Cursive….

Are you one of my AWESOME students who is DYING to write in cursive, but I keep telling you that I can’t read it? Here is a website to print out some practice sheets. You can write in cursive in class, once I and your other teachers can read it! Until then, please stick to typing and printing. Real

The demonstration of real grit would be to print a bunch of these out (or ask me to print them for you if you don’t have a printer!), and practicing until you’ve GOT IT!