Women’s History

It is Kid President rapping about awesome women.

A few of the Awesome Girls mentioned in the video can be found here:

Emersyn – Cards for Kids – http://bit.ly/emersyn
Hannah – http://callmehannah.ca
Mia – http://miasboxesoflove.org
Marla – http://theglobalsunriseproject.com
Angel – http://imbafilm.com
Eryn Erickson – So Worth Loving – http://bit.ly/erynswl
Brene Brown – http://brenebrown.com
Glennon Melton – http://momastery.com
Vivienne – http://makeastand.com


I’m talking Susan B. Anthony
Gwendolyn Brooks poetry
Anne Frank, Frida Kahlo
Ruby Bridges, Jackie O
Juliette Gordon Low
Harriet Beecher Stow
Sally Ride went to space
Mary Bowser was a freed slave

Maya Lin, Tina Fey
Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day
Rachel Carson, Julia Child
Serena Williams – crowd goes wild
Nellie Bly, Jane Goodall
Rosa Parks stood for all
Helen Keller. Malala too
and the wise Maya Angelou
Eleanor Roosevelt, leading in the White House
Beverly Cleary writing Ralph S. Mouse
Sandra Day O’Connor referred to as your honor
Lady Bird Johnson to Ruth Muskrat Bronson

Rosalind Franklin, Harriet Tubman
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, climb on Stacy Allison
Amelia Earhart fly around the world.
Talking awesome girls. I’m talking awesome girls.

Emersyn’s an awesome girl. Always on a mission
Madi is a rockstar who also likes to listen
Jojo and Kayla – making good things happen
Josie is a funny girl getting people laughing
Hannah changes everything that’s just who she is
Mia likes to spread the love. She’s an awesome kid.

Marla’s making movies and she’s gonna make a dent
Angel’s in Uganda and wants to be President
Then there’s Eryn Erickson, and cool lucy too
Brene Brown. rising strong. Riley has some books for you

Oliva and Hailey – spreading hope and helping out
Celeste is Kid Governor – doing good without a doubt
Glennon is a brave mom. Hailey’s got the pancakes on.
Gotta give Viv a hand. Helping people make a stand.

Too many awesome girls. More than most people think.
I’m running out of air. I’ve gotta take a drink.